Reevaluate to Simplify Your Day

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I reevaluate regularly on how I’m doing with simplifying. I ask my self questions like: What else is there to simplify?
Am I still living a simple life or am I unconsciously falling back into old nasty and too busy habits?

What I can do to make things more easier? I like small changes that make big differences.

How can I do things more efficiently? What is effective and what is not?

What is most important to me and am I still making it as important as it should be?

What can I eliminate to make room for the best things in life?

Here are some ways for you to reevaluate your simplifying journey.

Your possessions.
What more can you get rid of to declutter and make room for a clear and nice space. A decluttered room results in decluttered thinking.

Your digital world.
Is your computer loaded with useless data, unnecessary apps or music you don’t even listen to? Are you reading to many blogs, following and catching up with too many people on Facebook or Twitter?

Reorganize and eliminate. Stick to the essentials.

Are you having trouble focusing on what is most important to you? Are you getting distracted by everything but your main goal. Write down the things that keep you from reaching your goal over and over again. Get rid of those distractions one by one. Get back on track!

Your most important things
I know it’s hard to say no to everything great that comes along the way. But think twice before you step into another great adventure. Is this new adventure that crossed your path worth the effort? Do you want to spent all or a lot of your time on it? What about the things that are most important to you? Will they still be a priority? Will they not suffer from this? Think carefully and choose wisely.

There are only so much hours in a day and we all know time is running fast when you do too much. Limit yourself.

It’s often better to keep things simple and do less.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~ Socrates


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