The Power of Perception

Photo by Sergio Tudela
We all have to deal with fear, anxiety, stress, anger and other emotions in life that we’d rather live without.

And although there are situations in life where there is time needed to overcome such strong emotions, there are also many situations where we can easily turn it into an ocean of calmness.

It’s all a matter of perception.

I used to be overwhelmed by the big trucks on the freeway. Whenever I was driving my car and trucks were passing by I felt the sweat on the palm of my hands and I would firmly hold on to the steering wheel as if that monstrous truck would push me off the road any moment soon. It was a major obstacle and a big part of why I didn’t like to drive.

I decided to change my perception and how silly as it may sound it really worked…

The next time I’d be on the road again and trucks were driving in front of me and next to me I’d see them as cute little trucks heading peacefully toward their destination.

I would really say to myself “What a cute little truck” or “what a nice and cool friendly looking truck”

By saying it, I would literally feel my perception changing. The anxiety and tension in my body would instantly disappear and that heavily weight feeling would turn into lightness,
calmness and coolness. It was an important lesson I had learned.

And I was back in the driver seat.

So, in what situation would you want to change your perception?

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer


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