The Solution in Silence

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I used to get caught up in the busyness and hurriedness of everyday life. It’s all around me and almost everywhere I go so it’s only human to get easily absorbed by it.

It means my mind was also in a hurry and desperate for a quick solution for every task or obstacle ahead of me. I would then contemplate about issues for days without coming up with a decent answer.

And these thoughts would occupy my mind during the day so I’d spent my days in my own virtual world and not being present in the outside world, missing every beautiful opportunity or intention that the world had in store for me that day.

I hear you say… That’s all very nice but you do need that solution at the end of the day. Well I found something miraculous happened every time I would meditate or when I’d go for a run.

Sometimes during mediation I speak out a mantra in my mind and I contemplate on it. And other times I just literally stop thinking. I empty my mind and surrender to complete silence. I do this also when I’m running. When I run I just enjoy the sky in the distance without thinking about it or anything else.

Every time a thought comes a long I gently let it go and return to silence… emptying the mind. A thought comes in and I let it go. Get back to silence and peace.. A thought appears and again I say goodbye to it. I continue like this. The more I practice this the longer silence stays with me and thoughts will keep away.

And then suddenly the solution came in. The solution to the problem or the puzzle. Whatever happened to trouble me.

And you know why?

Because of the silence. The silence makes room for the solution.

If you’re mind is busy and in a hurry there is no room for inspiration. There is only room for the knowledge you already contain.

But in order to come to a solution you need inspiration. And you can only get inspiration if there is room. And you create room if there is silence.

Try it. Silence your mind and inspiration will flow.


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